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NCVT NEW ITI Affiliation Norms 2024 - 2025

How to Start New ITI

Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) are training institutes which offer range of vocational/skill training courses covering a large number of economic sectors with an objective to provide skilled workforce to the industry as well as selfemployment of youth. They provide post-school technical as well as vocational training courses leading to lifelong career in one or two year skill courses. These institutes are set up under Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India.

Government Industrial Training Institutes are government-run training organizations and Private Industrial Training Centers are privately run equivalents. These institutes are affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) and run training programme under Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS). National Trade Certificate (NTC) is awarded to successful trainees of NCVT affiliated trades of ITIs. NTC enjoys National/ international recognition for purpose of employment/ self employment.

How to Open New ITI

An online mechanism has been established to enable the applicant Institutions. This detail out the various requirements for affiliation and accreditation as applicant proceeds for filling up the application form. It will also help in doing self-assessment by an Institute. The various requirements like infrastructure, tools and equipment, staff strength, power requirement etc. are detailed in application form.

The applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Audit trail shall be available for verifying date and time of application submitted by applicants. Applicant shall pay the requisite fee for processing of application and physical inspection visits to State Directorate.

As per NCVT latest norms, Accreditation/Affiliation will be completed in 3 stage process-1st stage: Desktop Assessment, 2nd stage: Civil Infrastructure Assessment, 3rd stage: Equipment, power, IT lab and other Infrastructure Assessment.

Affiliation / Accreditation Process For New ITI

Guidelines of Videography for Site Visit of ITI

Stage I
The guidelines of videography by the ITI applicant are as under:
• Duration of videography must be at least 30 minutes. Videography shall be carried out in proper
lighting condition.
• The video should not be in parts. One single video clip of site visit should be sent to State Directorate.
• The video shall be geo-tagged and time stamped.
• Videography must be in CD or DVD and should be of very good quality. It must cover the assessors
carrying out assessment of infrastructure of institute
Stage II
• Besides this, it must cover walk through video of all infrastructural facilities
• It must show sequence along with signage in following manner:
• Approach road leading to ITI gate and access road from ITI gate to ITI building
• Plot’s signboard
• Institute’s signboard
• Front view, around the building, elevation and back view of institute
• Full view of classrooms, workshops and IT lab
• View of roof of the workshops
• View of the floor of the workshops, classrooms, drawing hall
• View of Administrative areas
• View of Amenities areas
• Views of circulation area details highlighting entrance lobby, passages, escalators, staircases and
other common areas
Stage III
• All the machineries, equipment and tools in working conditions
• Meter connection
• The video should focus on grouting of machineries, installation, wiring, safety measures,running
condition and the engraving on all the tools costing more than Rs 10,000/-
• In the case of existing ITIs, videography must cover the workshops of new trade/unit sought for
affiliation as well as for the existing one for that particular affiliated trade/unit
ITI NCVT Civil / Infrastructure / Document Norms
Document Requirements for New ITI
  • In order to be eligible to apply for opening an ITI, Organizations should be either of the following:

    i) Societies or Trusts
    ii) Private/Public Limited Companies
    iii) Companies like Sole Proprietary
    iv) Private Institutions/ Individual(s)
    v) Central or State Government/
    vi) UT Administered or by a Society or a Trust registered by them
  • Land Documents
  • Organization PAN Card
  • BCC
  • Fire & Safety Certificate
  • Tools Bill & Other Bills
  • Electricity Documents
  • Resolutions
  • .............Know more
Land Requirements for New ITI
Building Requirements for New ITI
.............Know more

Know ITI Civil Norms, ITI NCVT Norms, ITI DGET Norms

Are you planning for opening new ITI ?